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PEER Servants Privacy Policy


PEER Servants is committed to the highest standards of integrity and privacy in not distributing to others any information you provide to us without your expressed written consent. We do not track any details on you as you visit our website (other than how many total “hits” certain sections of the website may receive) and we retain your name, addresses, and phone number only if you provide it to us in writing. We do not publicly identify individual donors by name outside of private PEER Servants internal discussions unless given expressed written permission to do so.


PEER Servants respects and honors its volunteers, partners, and entrepreneurs and requests that you do not reproduce or copy their photographs or their stories without expressed written permission from PEER Servants. In addition, we request that you do not take any information from this website and misrepresent it as being associated with any individuals or organizations other than those stated in this website, nor used for any purpose that would violate our ultimate objective – to have this website and the contents of it be used to bring our God great glory!